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Our used vehicle inspection and evaluation advises clients on vehicle
condition & systems related to reliability, safety & emissions.


Our used car inspection is designed to give you a complete un-biased report on the condition of any Lincoln, Ford, or Mercury vehicle. Our inspection will give you the benefit of our experience and expertise to help you make an informed decision by advising you on all the vehicle systems, related to vehicle reliability, including: Factory Warranties & recalls as well as safety and condition. This service takes about 3-4 hours to complete and needs to be performed from a cold start all the way through to a complete warmup. We will be checking everything on the vehicle from software and hardware to the electrical and electronics, bumper to bumper and top to bottom, just as if it were our own personal vehicle. All the following items wil be evaluated based on customer input and options available on the particular vehicle.

1. VINs match on vehicle and paperwork
2. Inspect for recalls or "TSB" Information
3. CarFax Vehicle History Report if requested for additional fee.
4. Scheduled maintenance Conditions & recommendations
5. Vehicle currently passes all emissions/state inspections.

6. Starts, idles properly (cold/hot)(fast/normal)
7. Automotive systems operate normally.
8. Accelerates, shifts, and cruises smoothly
9. Engine noise normal (cold/hot and low/high speeds & idle)
10. Automatic/manual transmission/transaxle operates shifts normally (cold/hot)
11. Automatic/Manual transmission/transaxle noises normal (cold/hot)
12. Brake Shift Interlock operates correctly
13. Drive axle/transfer case operation, noise normal
14. Manual Transmission and Clutch operates smoothly
15. Alignment inspection and steering normal (proper effort/response, centering, free play, does not pull or have any vibrations.)
16. Body, suspension (no squeeks, rattles, vibration)
17. Struts/shocks operate and provide smooth transition during suspension movement. IE. Jounce and rebound.
18. Traction control assist operates correctly.
19. Vehicle stability control operates correctly.
20. Brakes ABS operate (pedal effort appropriate, no pulling, pulsating) Note: ABS may pulsate under hard braking.
21. Cruise control buttons operate correctly.
22. All gauges, speedometer, tachometer, odometer operate
23. Driver select/memory profile operates if equipped
24. No abnormal wind noise, squeels, or other sounds

Body Panels and Bumpers
25. Overall, no evidence of flood, hail, fire or alterations
26. Inspect for signs of major physical damage.
27. Panels aligned properly
28. Automatic/manual release mechanisms, hinges, attaching devices, prop rod/gas struts operate.
29. Power lift gate operates correctly.
30. Running boards operate, free from damage
31. Windshield, side, rear windows free from defects.
32. Wiper blades inspected for condition and operation
33. Mirrors electrical and mechanical, operation, etc...

Exterior Lights
34. Front end (headlights including high/low park, turn, fog)
35. Back end (tail, brake, high mount brake, turn, backup, license plate)
36. Side (side marker, mirror puddle lights)
37. Emergency/Hazard lights are functional
38. Auto on/off lighting feature operates
39. Trailer lamp connector and wiring for damage

40. Inspect all Air bag / Safety belts
41. Air bags intact, no codes, dash light works (check steering wheel for abnormal wear, may indicate repaired with used steering wheel and air bag)
42. Safety belts work, free from cuts or wear

Audio and Alarm Systems
43. Radio, cassette, CD, speakers
44. Antenna & operation(if electric)
45. Alarm, theft deterrent system remotes & PATS keys
46. Heat/Vent/AC/Defrost - Operates - air conditioning / heating systems.
47. Cooling effectiveness performance test
48. Air conditioning system, dual and rear climate operation
49. Heating system, cooling for seats if equipped
50. Inspect Cabin air filtration system
51. Defog/defrost (front, rear, outside mirrors)

Interior Amenities
52. Clock
53. Tilt/telescopic steering wheel (including power)
54. Steering column lock
55. Steering wheel controls
56. Cruise control / transmissions shift paddles
57. Horn & Switches
58. Warning Chimes
59. Instrument panel lights, gauges, warning lights (pass bulb check)
60. Wipers (all modes/speeds/delays, no streaks)
61. Washers (spray pattern correct)
62. Interior courtesy, dome, map lights
63. Mirrors (manual and power side mirrors, rear-view autodimming
64. Rear-view camera system if equipped
65. Sync Microsoft Ford system
66. Rear entertainment system and remotes
67. Power outlets, lighter
68. Ashtrays/storage compartments
69. Glove box operates correctly
70. Sun visors, vanity mirrors and lights
71. Adjustable pedals- gas and brake

Carpet, Trim, & Mats
72. Interior odor free
73. Carpet check for rust, mildew or mold under it due to flood damage and installation.
74. Floor mats and condition
75. Door trim/panels attached properly
76. Headliner condition

77. Upholstery stained, worn, cut, cracked
78. Seats/head restraint adjustments (manual/power)
79. Folding seats operate (manual/power), fold down latches
80. Air conditioned/Heated seats operate correctly
81. Integrated child safety seats operate
Sunroof/Moonroof/Convertible Top
82. Sunroof/moonroof operates in all modes
83. Convertable top operates, not damaged; cover, rear window

Windows, Door Locks
84. Handles, release mechanisms
85. Remote entry systems (key fobs, door key pads)
86. Door locks (manual, power modes)
87. Child safety locks
88. Window controls (manual, power, express modes)
89. Remote deck lid, fuel filler door releases

Luggage Compartment
90. Carpet, trim, cargo area (check for flood damage)
91. Luggage compartment light operates
92. Jack, spare tire tools in vehicle
93. Spare tire is correct size and type, no damage
94. Spare tire condition/abnormal wear/ correct pressure
95. Emergency truck lid release operates

Electronics Inspection: software / hardware
96. Computer/Module system tests for operation and condition
97. Software Analysis and inspection for hardware / software / Plectronic / electrical or mechanical system updates.
98. Perform self test for all CMDTC's (non-continuous DTC's or codes, stored in vehicle equipped modules)
99. Test and retrieve information from::(PCM) Powertrain Control Module
100. Test and retrieve information from::(TCM) Transmission Control Module
101. Test and retrieve information from::(ABS) Antilock braking
102. Test and retrieve information from::(TCS) Traction Control
103. Test and retrieve information from::(ACM) Audio Control
104. Test and retrieve information from::(EATC) Electronic automatic temperature control
105. Test and retrieve information from::(DCSM) Dual Climate Control Seat Module
106. Test and retrieve information from::(DDM) Driver door module
107. Test and retrieve information from::(DSM) Driver seat module
108. Test and retrieve information from::(EPB) Electronic Parking Brake
109. Test and retrieve information from::(GEM) General Electric Module
110. Test and retrieve information from::(PCSM) Passenger Climate Seat Module
111. Test and retrieve information from::(RCM) Restraint control
112. Test and retrieve information from::(REM) Rear Electronic
113. Test and retrieve information from::(HEC) Hybrid electronic cluster dash displays
114. Test and retrieve information from::(VSM) Vehicle security

115. Fluids - check condition and level, check maintenance schedule for required or recommended maintenance
116. Engine oil and filter condition
117. Coolant (level, freeze point) condition
118. Brake fluid level and condition (all fluids)
119. Automatic transmission/transaxle fluid
120. Transfer case fluid
121. Drive axle fluid - front and rear
122. Power steering fluid
123. Clutch fluid
124. Washer fluid - windshield / back window
125. Air conditioning system charge and condition

126. Check for fluid leaks and corrosion
127. Hoses and lines (coolant, fuel, brake, steering, vacuum, A/C), check for wear, leaks
128. Belts (check for wear, cracks, fraying, proper adjustment)
129. Electrical wiring (check condition)
130. Oil in air cleaner (possible excess blow-by, bad PCV)
131. Water in oil (check underside of oil filler cap) - blown headgasket/cracked coolant passage
132. Oil pressure (test with gauge if needed for additional cost)
133. Cylinder compression/power balance with computer testing
134. Timing belt (inspect condition if accessible)
135. Engine mounts (not broken, seperated)

Cooling System
136. Electrolysis analysis and inspection
137. Radiator (check for leaks, condition of tubes, fins)
138. pressure test radiator cap and cooling system
139. Cooling fans, clutches, motors operate
140. Water pump free from leaks or unusual noise
141. Coolant recovery tank and level and condition
142. Interior air filter for seats - cooling / heating

Fuel System
143. Fuel pump noise normal (no leaks if external pump)
144. Fuel pump pressure reading correct with computer
145. Fuel filters(s) (as per maintenance schedule)
146. Air filter (as per maintenance schedule)

Electrical System
147. Starter operates normal - for amperage draw
148. Ignition system (operation/scope and condition)
149. Battery type, condition, fluid level, load test
150. Alternator output correct for amps and voltage
151. Diesel pre-glow plug system operates correctly
152. Cables/harness for corrosion and condition

153. Hybrid cooling system for leaks, check level and condition
154. Switchable powertrain mount (operation)
155. Hybrid entertainment and information display (operation)
156. 110v power outlet (operation)
157. Test Hybrid battery pack for condition

158. No visible damage, signs of repair or abnormal tire wear
159. Fuel lines, fuel tank, hoses and couplings not leaking

Exhaust System
160. Entire exhaust system (including catalytic converter) for damage or leaking
161. Perform emissions control system tests

Transmission, Transaxle, Differential, Transfer Case
162. Automatic transmission/transaxle not damaged or leaking
163. 4x4 hub operation (engage and disengage properly)
164. Universal joints, CV joints, boots not damaged, leaking, or excessive wear/looseness, noise when accelerating or turning
165. Transmission mounts (not cracked, broken, oil soaked)
166. Differential/drive axles (not damaged or leaking)

Tires and Wheels
167. All tires and wheels match, correct size and condition
168. Tread depth and age for dry rot
169. Normal tire wear, no alignment or sidewall problems
170. Pressures correct as per Ford Motor Co.
171. Tire pressure monitor system operates and no faults
172. Wheels/finish free from damage, run-out normal
173. Wheel covers, center caps, free from damage

Suspension and Steering
174. Rack and pinion, linkage, boots not visibly damaged or leaking
175. Control arms, ball joints, bushings not visibly damaged or worn
176. Inner and outer Tie rods pitman and idler arm and bushings operate to factory specs
177. Sway bars, links, bushings operate to factory specs
178. Springs have proper ride height (not sagging)
179. Struts, shocks not leaking
180. Wheel alignment correct (check for pulls and worn suspension parts)
181. Power steering pump and hoses (check operation, no leaks/seepage)

182. Calipers, cylinders operate with no leaks
183. Front pads, rear shoes condition and amount of wear
184. Rotors, drums not scored, run-out within factory specs
185. Brake lines, hoses, fittings not worn or leaking
186. Parking brake operates, releases, adjusted properly
187. Master cylinder and booster, no leaks
188. Test drive for overall condition of braking system... IE vibration, noises, squeeling, etc.

189. Owner's guide present
190. Keys and key fobs present
191. Universal garage door opener buttons and operation
192. Fuel tank condition & accessories - capless system
193. Keyless entry operation and factory code if available

Test drive for ride and feel, and operation, inspect all fluids for correct levels and numerous other sub-systems on vehicle. Inspect vehicle records supplied by customer for needed or recommended maintenance or neglected wear and tear items that may need service or repair. This evaluation is the same inspection performed by us during our recommended major service recomended at the following interval: 24 Months / 30,000 Miles. All inspections/tests are based on judgement calls/experience/history and input from current sources and information; therefore, there are no guarantees or warranties implied by Beechnut Auto Repair/Ford Doctors or any person associated w/this inspection due to nature of unknown circumstances such as accidents or previous repairs performed by unqualified insurance companies or persons attempting to economize the repair/maintenance practices needed or recommended by Ford Motor Company or Ray.

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