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*A Simple
Software Update
can fix many of the following concerns:


The 1st step to diagnosing your vehicle - Check the Software…

Engine Light Concerns:

  • Fix CHK ENG Light

Engine Concerns:

  • Improve Gas Mileage
  • Enhance Performance
  • Prevent Poor MPG
  • Stops Rough Idle
  • Stalling, Lack of Power
  • Missing or Backfiring
  • Prevent Engine Failures

Air Conditioning:

  • Prevent Compressor Failures
  • Improve Cooling

Electrical Systems:

  • Prevent Starter Failures
  • Prevent Alternator Failures
  • Prevent Electrical Failures


Transmission Concerns:

  • Extend Transmission Life
  • Shifting Concerns
  • Hard/Soft Shifts
  • Delayed Engagements
  • Prevent Transmission Failures

Prevent Fluid Leaks:

  • Transmission Leaks
  • Coolant Leaks
  • Oil Leaks

Noises, Smells, Vibrations:

  • Drive Line Vibrations
  • Transmission noises
  • Vibrations and smells
  • Engine noise

Electronic Systems:

  • Prevent Module Failures
  • Prevent Computer Hardware Failures


Q: How do I know if I need a Ford Software Update?
A: Ask for a Software "tune-Up" Inspection.

$29.95: Software Tune-up inspection: Consists of an inspection for software updates or fixes (patches) to any of the following systems: Hardware, Mechanical, Electronic or Electrical systems and all computers.
Our software "tune-up" inspection consists of linking to FORD software and hardware, to inspect for updates, for known problems relating to technical service bulletins(TSB's) and special service messages (SSM's) and current level of calibration of any or all computers as per FORD motor company. We also will verify the integrity of the electrical and electronic systems and check for any updated software as per FORD motor company to repair known concerns.

*DISCLAIMER:These software fixes/patches will not apply to all vehicles - Application of software updates varies from vehicle to vehicle and concern to concern as per Ford Motor Company and lack of proper maintenance. For software update of Patches to calibration, additional fees will apply: (Software per package: $49.99). Labor to install software update packages= $79.95

2 Year/24,000 Mile Warranty on Repairs

Q: When will wireless upgrades be available for Ford customers?
(See video below)


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