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* QUESTION: How do I know when it's time to replace my battery? Or better yet, how do I not get stranded with that noise I hear at the worst possible time ("click, click, click...")?

* ANSWER: Today, we have the ability to measure or calculate the health & life left in your battery, much like an EKG can determine the health of your heart.

Let me give you a simple diagram using a measurement: Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) is the calculation we are going to use. Your car requires a certain amount of electricity to be available to maintain all the electronics that your auto uses and needs to maintain a healthy and reliable automobile.


The warranty options refers to the Free Replacement Warranty.
Minor charges apply yearly to maintain and keep warranty active.
Only one requirement to maintain this battery warranty from us: once a year the battery and cables MUST be serviced, cleaned and treated by us to ensure the integrity of the electrical system.
** Failure to maintain electrical system integrity can cause numerous failures in the software/hardware or electronics as well as alternator or starter/harness failures and will void our warranties for labor/parts.

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