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* QUESTION: Why can't anybody diagnose my vehicle correctly the first time?

* ANSWER: Most non-Ford aftermarket scanners are only able to access 10% of some of the computer's diagnostic capabilities. With IDS, we can access all 100% of all computers and all 100% of information to help us diagnose your concern 100% correctly every time, hence our satisfaction guarantee and warranties.


Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS)

The Ford IDS and VCM/VCM II provides complete diagnostic coverage of current and future Ford and Lincoln vehicles. This includes module reprogramming, key programming, and other functions not available in most “generic” scan tools. This is the same tool used by Ford and Lincoln dealerships with the same level of functionality.

Diagnostic Tool Support

The factory Ford Motor Company vehicle diagnostic tool is the Integrated Diagnostic Software (IDS). IDS is a flexible diagnostic tool that utilizes standard computing platforms to work with Ford's VCM, VCM II and VMM devices.

The IDS software must be downloaded and installed on a PC meeting the minimum specifications posted here. The IDS software license includes time based access to the IDS software, software updates and calibration files. IDS Software and calibration files are only available to download online. The Ford IDS software includes vehicle coverage for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles only.


The Vehicle Communication Module (VCM) communicates with Ford vehicles through the 16-pin diagnostic link connector. This device is used by the IDS software and is the core of vehicle diagnostics to read trouble codes, re-program (flash), and view vehicle data.
The VCM II was introduced in 2012. The IDS software supports both the VCM and the VCM II. The VCM II is designed as a direct replacement for the original VCM.
The Vehicle Measurement Module (VMM) handles electronic and transducer based measurements. The VMM connected to a laptop offers the following functionality: Ignition System Test; Fuel Pressure Test; Fuel Leak-down Test; Injector Flow Test; Secondary Ignition; Current Probe Functionality; Oscilloscope; Digital Multi-Meter.




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